Dr Farrah Shafeera Ibrahim or better known as Dr Ann Shafeera serves as a senior lecturer in the Department of Basic Sciences (Physiology), Faculty of Health Sciences, UiTM. She specialises in physiology and has been conferred with Doctor of Philosophy from Monash University, Australia.

Being the founder of SmashPrediabetes, a health education platform, Dr Ann and her team help to translate the findings from the research conducted in university for the community. As the leader of this research, the team is active in carrying out the research on physiological mechanisms of diabetes prevention and complications from the earlier stages, namely prediabetes at the levels of in vivo, in vitro and clinical. The focus of the research includes early protein biomarkers discovery, antioxidants and oxidative stress study and the use of natural products or phytomedicine as preventive measures to diabetes.

As a researcher, Dr Ann Shafeera has presented many findings from her research at Malaysia and overseas. Her research gains international recognition when she was awarded the Travel Grant Award from the Korean Diabetes Association due to her excellent presentation in the 2019 International Congress of Diabetes and Metabolism.

Also, as the holders of this research grant, she has been granted with 10 innovation research awards at the international and national levels – four Gold Awards, two Silver Awards and two Bronze Awards. On top of that, Dr Ann Shafeera has won the Best Invention Award at the International Innovation & Design Competition & Conference (ICON2014) and was shortlisted as the final nominees in the Selangor State Innovation Award 2019.

As an educator, she is truly committed and innovative in her teaching. Therefore, her way of teaching has been implemented and recognised at eCONDEV 2019, where she won the Bronze Medal for her Cardiovascular Learning Kit and the Gold Medal for Lab Professional: Professional Image and Etiquette.

Her leadership prowess is profound due to her capability in holding several positions at the faculty level and being appointed as a committee member of the national level conferences.

Besides her involvement at the university, she is also active in contributing to the community. She is a Life Member of the Malaysian Diabetes Educators Society. Recently, she has been appointed as the mentor of the Global Mentoring Walk 2021 (Malaysian Edition).

Adhering to the principle, “Hard skills will lead to your dream career but the Image and Persona shall enable you to climb the ladder of profession”, she is driven to polish her knowledge in image and etiquette, and now she has been one of the renowned Persona Experts in Malaysia.

Indeed, Dr Ann Shafeera has been granted with professional recognitions in Malaysia and abroad, such as Certified Professional Image Consultant, Certified Dining Etiquette Consultant and Certified Advanced Personal Colour Analysis Training.

She has left a remarkable impact in terms of image and etiquette to the thousands of professionals, as well as those working in the corporate world and entrepreneurs via charisma and professional development. Despite being a senior lecturer full time, this does not cease her from pursuing her passion in building persona and self-branding for her clients from all walks of life in this region using her magical touch.

Moreover, she is one of the keynote speakers in the Now Everyone Can Speak (NECS) Seminar, which is regarded as the largest communication seminar in Malaysia since 2013 and has been active in sharing her experiences to the universities as well as the government and corporate sectors in Malaysia and abroad.


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